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Thank you for your interest in well crafted, naturalistic water
features.  We appreciate your time and consideration, as we
welcome you into the wonderful world of water gardening!

At Blue Creek Landscape, Inc. (
operating as Aquascape by Blue Creek),
we design and install beautifully crafted, naturalistic, low
maintenance water features of all sizes.  From cascading waterfalls
into Koi fish and lily filled ponds, to babbling brooks and streams
surrounded by aquatic plants, bogs and wetlands, to rainwater
harvesting systems (

Our work is inspired by the wonder, intrigue, and magnificence we
are privileged to witness daily in the natural world around us here
in the Northwest.  These days, however, not many of us are as
fortunate to take the time to venture out to enjoy these natural
wonders, due to longer working hours and busier schedules,
especially if we live in the city area.
Certified Aquascape Contractor

As one of Washington's premier pond builders and Certified Aquascape Contractors, we take great pride in helping you reconnect
with Mother Nature and the beauty and tranquility She has to offer.  By installing an
Aquascape Ecosystem, an environmentally
friendly water feature will not only relieve the stresses from a long hard day, but you would also have a lot less lawn to water and
mow, while increasing the value of your home!

We invite you to stay a while and explore our passion, while checking out the
different water features we have built for people such as
you.  Please do not hesitate to
contact us if you have any queries so we can start enhancing your lifestyle as soon as possible!
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Certified RainXchange Professional Rainwater Harvesting
Aquascape Pond Products