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Traditional ways of
rainwater harvesting do
not add beauty or value to
your home or office setting.
Certified RainXchange Professional
  • 1 inch of rainfall on a 2,000 sq. ft.
    residential roof generates 1,250
    gallons of water that can be reused.
  • That same roof in a region receiving
    30 inches of annual rainfall generates
    41,000 gallons of reusable water.
  • The average US household with a
    10,000 square foot lot uses 5,000
    gallons of water weekly for landscape
  • Running a sprinkler for 2 hours can
    use up to 500 gallons of water.
  • The RainXchange™ allows you to
    collect thousands of gallons of water
    anywhere, even in the Desert!
RainXchange™ by Aquascape Inc. adds the beauty of a waterfeature to a revolutionary system for capturing and reusing our most
precious resource, water.
The earth is known as the Blue Planet for a reason.   It's no
surprise that water is a dominant part of our everyday lives. The
world's current challenge is to improve the planet's water quality
and then maintain clean and healthy water that supports all life
forms in our diverse environment.


* Reduce water bills including city storm sewer charges
* Alleviate demand on municipal systems
* Avoid strict watering schedules


* Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients
* Using rainwater to irrigate will reduce fertilizer use
* No chemicals have been added to rainwater

The Aquascape RainXchange™ Harvesting Systems are a
revolutionary design that combines a recirculating decorative water
feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvesting collection system.

Clean, Filtered Water Collection & Storage - While you enjoy the
benefits of a decorative water feature, the RainXchange™
Rainwater Harvesting System filters the stored water to prevent
stagnation and growth of unhealthy bacteria.
* The RainXchange™ Rainwater Harvesting System reveals only
beautiful water feature that integrates easily into existing
* Collecting and
storing the water underground maintains the
integrity and beauty of your home and landscape.
Wildlife Habitat - Because the water stored in the   
RainXchange™ System is constantly moving and being
aerated, it becomes a sanctuary for wildlife.
Water Feature Lifestyle - Enhanced landscaping improves
property value and water features provide soothing sights and
sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world.
Environmental Conservation - Capturing rainwater to operate
the water feature creates true self-sustainability, drastically
reducing the need for chemically-treated traditional water
Internally designed overflow
keeps plumbing out of sight
please visit www.rainxchange.com
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