Scott Hammond established Blue Creek Landscape as a sole
proprietorship in 1999.

Initially a full service landscape company, Blue Creek Landscape
has designed and installed water features since its inception.

In 2002, the company was among the first in the nation to become
recognized as a
Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC) and has
continued to represent the industry as the Northwestern U.S.
region's representative to the
Certified Aquascape Contractor
Advisory Council since then.

In 2004, the company narrowed its focus to 'water features only'
and emerged as the region's premier water feature designer,
consulting, and construction company.

Passion for water features and 'ponds done right-customers
served right', dedication to excellence, and 'playing well with
others', continue to be the core and guiding principles of
Aquascape by Blue Creek, today.

In 2006 Blue Creek Landscape was incorporated and currently
operates as Aquascape by Blue Creek.

Recently Blue Creek was awarded 'The 2008
Certified Aquascape
Contractor of the Year' designation as determined by the vote of
CACs throughout the U.S.  Mr. Hammond - Blue Creek's principal -
received the
CAC Character Award for 2008 as well.
Certified Aquascape Contractor
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Blue Creek has built or participated in the design and/or
construction of water features in the Northwest as well as in
Ireland, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and
Florida at Disney's Epcot Center.

Of late, we are becoming increasingly involved in the proper
design and installation of storm water retention and detention
systems - on the larger commercial as well as smaller residential
scale Rain Water Harvesting projects (
RainXchange™).  The
RainXchange system from Aquascape, Inc.,is at the heart of
our designs.

E. Scott Hammond, Principal & President
Blue Creek Landscape, Inc

BS, BA 1981 C.W.U.
Majors:  Paramedics
Environmental Studies
E. Scott Hammond, Blue Creek Landscape, Inc.

"We work with  ' Mother Nature'  and
regard her as the lady she is...we
also understand she's a tenacious,
tough, and resilient lady..."
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Certified RainXchange Professional
Aquascape Pond Products